Anyway, I wanted to be meaningful in the way I moved forward with my life from this point on. 1. Intersectionality will be the theme of my writing because it is the essence of my life. 2. Health crisises, social theory/research, and American Democracy/policy will be overwhelmingly discussed... mostly because if I didn't, my Gen Z but millenial tendencies-self will scream in her sleep.

I just really want to catch my breath at this point in my life and be intentional. So I intend to use this platform to create dialogue on topics important to me and hopefully you too. Public health, democracy, and social research is encompassing of all of you, so my wish is that you as the reader find my writing helpful and thought provoking. Life has been hard lately and call it an outlet or "my next thing", but writing is something I enjoy and telling my stories and the knowledge I have/seek will, in some way, always be a part of both my personal and professional approaches in life. So, while I'm in this space of expression, I intend to indulge fully. Thanks for being here with me.

Rahima M. Aquil




Rahima M. Aquil

Creating dialogue around public health challenges, social theory/research, & policy/democracy. We are the structures we create & I’m here to share with you how!