A Sociological Understanding of the Structure of America, otherwise known as our Democracy, & what it really means to be American

Photo by Rahima Morshed — Birmingham, Alabama

As we have concluded the ongoing election week, certified votes across the country, and are newly presented with the next First and Second Family of these Divided States, I take time today to reflect on every last effort, response, and emotion of people in my community, from Americans across the country, and witnesses from around the world. As we have seen overwhelmingly, many among the approximate 80 million people that voted for Biden did not want him and Harris as their first choice. Do both Biden and Harris have a reputation that has, on countless occasions, harmed minority groups and…

Rahima Morshed

Creating dialogue around society & how we are the products of the structures we create. Also a firm believer in being human before being anything else. Welcome!

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